Rotary Press PH300


The Rotary Press PH300 is a standard machine for customers who simply want to improve their productivity.
Being used by a wide range of users, from pharmaceutical manufacturing sites to chemical and industrial applications, and this machine has high versatility and reliability.
In spite of a standard machine, it uses the industry's largest compression roller to achieve extremely high moldability. Raw materials with low moldability can be tabletted more reliably, and raw materials with high moldability can be tabletted at higher speed.
In addition, parts that are attached and detached on a daily basis can be used without tools, supporting the ""easy to use"" for workers.

Please contact:Chemical Device Division TEL +8186-958-2327

  • This is a simple and high-performance tableting machine.
  • Excellent moldability with the industry's largest compression roller is provided.
  • You can use it at ease by detailed after-sales follow-up service.


  1. 01

    Moldability is improved by adopting the industry's largest main pressure roller.

    By adopting the industry's largest roller with a main pressure of φ300 mm, the compression time is greatly extended and high moldability is ensured. This leads to tablet raw materials that were difficult to mold and to perform stable high-speed tabletting.

  2. 02

    A two-stage impeller feeder and unique pressure control are available.

    The two-stage impeller feeder supplies the raw materials to the upper stage and then quantitatively supplies them to the lower stage, enabling stable filling of raw materials.


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