01 Forming Machine Division Forming machine

Industry-leading for cold roll forming machines and tube mills for manufacturing shaped steel and tubes.

We design and manufacture cold roll forming machines that form aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, copper strips etc. into fixed tube profiles and cut to precise length. We design and manufacture not only cold roll forming machines that are widely used in the manufacturing industries, but also forming rolls and electrical control devices as well as advising practical manufacturing know-how to meet a wide range of customer needs.

02 Forming Roll Division Forming roll

Forming rolls manufactured based on technical strength cultivated by numbers of experienced sectional shape No.1 in the industry.

Forming rolls are essential for manufacturing tubes and shaped steel together with cold roll forming machines. Forming rolls are molds to form tubes and shaped steel that raw material is transformed into a product by being threaded through a series of forming rolls installed in the forming machine. Rich achievements for more than 60 years designing and manufacturing of forming rolls, we take pride in industry-leading experience and have cultivated the design and technological capabilities to embody the sectional shape proposed by our customers.

03 FA (Factory Automation) Division Factory automation

Peripheral equipment for high-precision machine tools which is helpful for laborsaving at site.

FA Division provides state-of-the-art peripheral equipment for high-precision machine tools using computer control technology. In recent years, even in the field of mechanical processing, ATC (Auto Tool Changer) and APC (Auto Pallet Changer) which we manufacture have been required as a peripheral equipment that realizes further automation in order to meet customer needs to flexibly respond from usual small variety mass production to high-mix low-volume production and we propose devices being able to contribute to laborsaving and productivity improvement to customers.

04 Chemical Device Division Chemical device

Manufacturing tablet press for tablet manufacturing for medicines, batteries and detergents, etc.

We design and manufacture tablet presses for mass production of "tablets" such as medicines, health food , and tableting tools (Punches and Dies) used in this device. Powdered medicine is filled in "Die", and a part called "Punch" pressurizes from above and below to form a tablet. We take pride in No.1 domestic market share in manufacture of tableting tools, we have experience in tableting machines for confections, batteries, detergents, bath salts, etc.

05 Environment Division Environment

Manufacturing ring die rollers that is essential for manufacturing fuel pellets.

We manufacture molds (ring dies, rollers) used to manufacture pellets that are used as fuel for blast furnace, thermal power generation, and biomass power generation as well as defibering machines, punching devices and related machinery. We lead Japan's market share of ring dies. Other than fuel pellets, we also have experience in producing making machines for feed and cat litter.

06 Metal Stamping Press Division Metal stamping press

Integrated manufacturing from presswork to welding for automotive parts.

We provide parts just-in-time with customers such as engine mount brackets, which are critical parts for automobiles, suspension links, crankshaft sensor plates, etc. with independently developed equipment, which is capable of presswork to welding. You can expect our development of the latest technology in order to prepare for a complete quality control system and we will propose new production methods that will lead to cost cut.

07 Cellulose Development Division Cellulose

Developing very light and durable plant-based new materials.

Cellulose nanofiber is a new material which has been independently developed and manufactured by us that can be obtained by finely defibrating natural fibers (wood and pulp) to nano size. Characteristics of the fiber is that extremely light (1/5 lighter than steel) and durable (5 times stronger than steel), which is expected to be used in various fields including plastic and rubber reinforcement.



Achievements as a manufacturer

We will continue to meet the customer's latest needs,
impress customers,
create one-of-a-kind goods in the industry and contribute to society.

Number of customers: Over 1700 / Japan's No.1 share in forming machine for producing non-ferrous metal tubes / Japan's No.1 share in forming rolls for shutter, curtain rail lighting / Japan's No.1 share in large-scale ATC / Japan's No.1 share in Tableting tools / Japan's No.1 share in ring dies for pellet manufacture