Cold roll forming machines and tube mills


Forming Machine Division of MORI MACHINERY makes unique cold roll forming machines and tube mills that meets customers' high level requirements from design and manufacturing to advising know-how in actual production on-site. We have been making a great contribution to saving resources and energy based on rich experience and achievements over half a century through supply of forming machines and tube mills created by sustainable technology development. In addition, we aim to work on development of cutting-edge technologies and new products based on the theme of all humankind which is conservation of the global environment as well as further develop in the global market with planning ability to meet the needs of the era.

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  • Forming machine for building material .

    Continuous production of various kinds of forming products have been realized by merging complex technologies.

  • Forming machines for automotive industry

    These are high quality forming machines adopted by national and international luxury automakers

  • Microtube manufacturing machine

    Long -time continuous operation has been achieved by adopting laser welding

  • Small diameter and thick wall tube manufacturing machine

    This machine contributes to the needs of light weight and saving energy.

  • Medium diameter tube manufacturing machine

    This machine is applicable for a wide range of models from general-purpose to high-speed and high-performance.

  • Large diameter thin wall thickness tube manufacturing machine

    This machine is applicable for high-variety low-volume manufacturing for large diameter thin wall thickness high-quality tube manufacturing.

  • Radiator tube manufacturing machine

    This machine contributes to high-speed and high-precision, thin wall and weight saving.

  • Titanium tube manufacturing machine

    This machine forms and welds tubes with highly difficult material which complies with ASTM and JIS.

  • Inner grooved tube manufacturing machine

    The one-of-a-kind technology having achieved for copper tubes is being replaced to aluminum tubes.

  • Recommendable for those who want to improve production speed and quality
  • Recommendable for those who are looking for automatic holes cleaning device for change of feeding material
  • We provide a full support system.


  1. 01

    A wide range of materials can be formed and welded at high quality and speed.

    A wide range of materials such as high carbon steel, high-tension steel, aluminum, copper, stainless steel and titanium which is highly difficult can be formed and welded.

  2. 02

    We ensure full support by our own integrated manufacture system.

    Our production system with 70 employees (including 21 designers) is an industry leading system in terms of quality and quantity.


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