Peripheral equipment for cold roll forming machines and tube mills


Forming Machine Division of MORI MACHINERY also designs and manufactures peripheral equipment as well as cold roll forming and tube mills. Various peripheral equipment technically developed by rich experience and achievements have been making a great contribution to high speed, high efficiency and laborsaving.

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  • Uncoiler

    For unwinding coil material.

  • Coil opener

    A guiding device for conveying tips of coil material to the next process.

  • Pinch roll leveler

    For straightening the front and rear end of coil material.

  • Shear & Welder

    For welding the rear end and tip of the coil material.

  • Strip accumulator

    For accumulating coil material equivalent to the time required for relay welding.

  • Pre-punch press

    For punching coil materials prior to forming.

  • Quick changeover system

    Offers quick changeover of forming, welding roll stations (raft plates).

  • Squeeze roll shield unit

    Squeeze roll device for HF welding ferritic stainless steel.

  • Inside bead scarfing

    For scarfing weld beads inside tube by HF welding.

  • Inner bead rolling

    For smoothly grinding weld bead inside the tube.

  • Inline annealing device

    For continuously annealing pipes online.

  • Traveling cutoff machine

    For continuously cutting formed products to precise lengths.

  • Inter-running combined processing cutting machine

    For continuously punching and cutting formed products to precise lengths.

  • Chamfering device

    For chamfering both ends of a tube to precise lengths.

  • Stacked & bundling device

    For automatically stacking and bundling predetermined length pipes to a set number of shapes.

  • Stacker machine

    For automatically aligning and placing flat tubes for heat exchangers in tube trays.

  • Recommendable for those who want to reduce labor cost by automating (laborsaving)
  • Recommendable for those who want to increase production efficiency
  • Recommendable for those who want to improve quality and acquire new customers (industry)


  1. 01

    Productivity can be greatly improved by using peripheral equipment that match forming machines and tube mills.

    With the automatic tube stacker, 400mm long radiator tubes can be automatically aligned with a high processing capacity of 500 tubes / min.

  2. 02

    We ensure a full support for peripheral equipment with our integrated production system.

    We have been constantly improving and upgrading based on our rich experience and achievements.


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