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Actions on SDGs


1. Slogan

MORI MACHINERY promotes actions on SDGs through its own manufacturing and each employee’s actions, and contributes to the realization for a safe, secure and sustainable world.

MORI MACHINERY supports Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)


2. Examples of in-house manufacturing

Case 1

Contribution products: Ring dies and rollers for wood pellet production
Contribution: Wood pellets are used as a fuel for biomass power generation and contribute to promoting the use of renewable energy.


Case 2

Contribution products: Ring dies and rollers for RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel) and RPF (Refuse Plastic Solid Fuel) manufacturing
Contribution: We will contribute to the reduction of waste material by reusing and recycling waste.


Case 3

Contribution product: Extruder to blast thinned wood for greening material
Contribution: Contribution to the effective use of thinned wood


Case 4

Contribution products: Tableting machine and tableting tool for manufacturing pharmaceutical tablets
Contribution: Enabling to make various raw materials into pharmaceutical tablets, including powders that is hard to mold due to abrasiveness and adhesion, we contribute to protect people’s lives and ensuring a healthy life.


Case 5

Contribution products: Forming machines and rolls for manufacturing aluminum heat exchanger tubes for EV (electric vehicles)
Contribution: Contribution to extending cruising range of EV and diffusing EV by reducing the body weight by using aluminum tubes


Case 6

Contribution products: Forming machines and rolls for manufacturing titanium tubes for cooling water for seawater desalination plants
Contribution: Used in the manufacture of cooling pipes for seawater desalination plants that extract fresh water from seawater which technology is contributing to countries and people suffering from water shortages


Case 7

Contribution products: Forming machines and rolls for manufacturing optical cable protection tubes
Contribution: Optical cables covered with protective tubes are laid on the seabed, contributing to improved access to communication technology.


Case 8

Contribution products: Forming machines and rolls that manufacture shutters for windproof and liquefaction countermeasure.
Contribution: Providing measures against natural disasters such as typhoons and heavy rains


Case 9

Contribution products: Cellulose nanofibers (CNFs) made from nature-derived raw materials such as wood and pulp
Contribution: We will contribute to the realization of a recycling-oriented society that protects forest resources and replaces petroleum-derived products with nature-derived products.


3. Behavior examples of each employee

At MORI MACHINERY, each employee has worked on SDGs to consider at least more than one subject and implement personally in order to contribute to SDGs. The followings are some examples of actions.

・ Stop using disposable chopsticks and bring reusable one
・Not using disposable shopping bag but reusable one when shopping
・Eat up all meals served.
・Clean up around our homes at least once a month
・Turn off unnecessary electricity such as lighting and appliances at work and home
・Commute by electric or hybrid car
・Use personal thermo bottle
・Not asking for chopsticks or spoons when shopping at convenience stores or supermarkets
・Save water by turning a tap off frequently.
・Using remaining hot water from a bath for washing machine
・Pick up trash in rivers and beaches
・Carefully use equipment at workplace and home
・Use backing paper for printing and memo paper
・When buying food, select one that expiration date is close.



Achievements as a manufacturer

We will continue to meet the customer's latest needs,
impress customers,
create one-of-a-kind goods in the industry and contribute to society.

Number of customers: Over 1700 / Japan's No.1 share in forming machine for producing non-ferrous metal tubes / Japan's No.1 share in forming rolls for shutter, curtain rail lighting / Japan's No.1 share in large-scale ATC / Japan's No.1 share in Tableting tools / Japan's No.1 share in ring dies for pellet manufacture