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Promotion of health management

Health management

We will create a corporate environment that all employees can balance work and life and fully demonstrate their abilities.


[Health declaration]

In order to practice “Management Philosophy” and contribute to society, it is essential that each employee is physically and mentally healthy otherwise we cannot earn trust from our customers.

We regard the physical and mental health of each employee and family who support the growth of the company as one of the most important management resources and by actively supporting health maintenance and promotion activities as well as promotion for organizational health making, we aim to be a company that each employee to spend a comfortable and healthy social life with vigor, wellbeing as well as contribute to economic expansion.

President Ikuo Mori


[Health management policy]

Article 1 (Purpose)

Based on the “Health Declaration”, we establish a policy on health management for the purpose of maintaining and improving the physical and mental health of employees and their families and creating a healthy and comfortable working environment.


Article 2 (Conditions)

(1) In order to promote and implement health management, we will organize a health management committee headed by the president.
(2) The Health Management Committee establishes an annual or a medium-term implementation plan for health management, and promote the implementation plan while associating also with the Safety and Health Committee.
(3) The Health Management Committee regularly reports to the Management conference on the implementation status of health management.


Article 3 (Activities)

We support health making so that each employee can autonomously approach maintaining and improving his physical and mental health.
Based on compliance, we will systematically and comprehensively implement health management based on the following framework from the viewpoint of preventive medicine.

(1) 0th prevention: Promote initiative to contribute to “improvement of the workplace environment” by activating communication in the workplace
(2) Primary prevention: Promote initiative to contribute to “disease prevention” by health enlightening for employees through implementing trainings and vaccinations.
(3) Secondary prevention: Promote initiative to contribute to “early detections and measures of illness” through thorough implementation of health examinations and health guidance after health examinations.
(4) Third prevention: Promote initiative to contribute to “prevention of recurrence of disease and serious condition ” by establishing rules and systems such as leaves and return-to-work systems


Article 4 (Revision and abolition)

The revision or abolition of this policy will be decided by the President. In case of revision or abolition, it shall be reported to the management meeting.
(Supplementary provisions) This policy has been implemented since August 1, 2018.


Established on August 1, 2018



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