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MORI MACHINERY CORPORATION General Employer Action Plans (Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children)

Women\'s participation

1 Planning period

April 1, 2019 through March 31, 2022


2 Contents

1) Numerical target

Number of female employees: 51 (as of March) → 55 employees


2) Details and implementation period of initiatives

・Promotion of taking childcare leave: 100% of all applicants taken at any time
・Promotion of short-time work for childcare: 100% of all applicants at any time
・Promotion of half-day paid leave: 100% of applicants acquired at any time
・Promotion of planned paid leave: 6 days a year, 100% full acquisition
・Implementation of work environment by conducting stress check at each workplace
・Improvement of work environment by conducting employee questionnaire: Once a year
・Supply of child allowance



Achievements as a manufacturer

We will continue to meet the customer's latest needs,
impress customers,
create one-of-a-kind goods in the industry and contribute to society.

Number of customers: Over 1700 / Japan's No.1 share in forming machine for producing non-ferrous metal tubes / Japan's No.1 share in forming rolls for shutter, curtain rail lighting / Japan's No.1 share in large-scale ATC / Japan's No.1 share in Tableting tools / Japan's No.1 share in ring dies for pellet manufacture