"We would like to express our sincere gratitude for your continued support.
Since our founding in 1948, we have accumulated experience and achievements in manufacturing for many sectors, including steel, automotive, ship industries and machine tools. In Heisei era, we had developed the fields of medicine and environment, and have provided a wide variety of precision machinery and precision parts based on ""Four Core Technologies"" (mechanical design, electrical and electronic, heat treatment, precision processing technologies) that we have continued to improve. We are also actively working on the development of new products by further evolving our core technologies as well as challenging to new technologies.
We would appreciate your continuous attention and patronage in the future."

President Ikuo Mori


We will continue to contribute to society by creating unique products that meet the customer's latest needs which impress them.

Management philosophy

We aim to be a one-of-a-kind company to keep shining
by a family-type and innovation management.

What is a one-of-a-kind company that keeps shining?

  1. 01 A company that creates unique products and businesses by manufacturing with all our heart and soul, impressing customers, and contributing to society.
  2. 02 A company that puts customers first and can respond accurately and promptly to customer needs.
  3. 03 A company that all employees to have big dreams based on their missions and makes continuous efforts to realize all their big dreams.
  4. 04 A company that pursues well-being of all employees in both physical and spiritual aspects.
  5. 05 A company that can make a solid profit


  • In 1948
    Founded Mori Ironworks privately
    Started production of mine wagons and brick molds
  • In 1953
    Reorganized Mori Ironworks Limited Company with capital of 1.8 million yen. Tsuyoshi Mori was appointed as the President.
  • In 1957
    Started designing and manufacturing forming rolls.
  • In 1962
    Started production of automotive jigs, dies and exclusive machine tools.
  • In 1965
    Opened Okayama factory.
    It belongs to the Higashi Okayama Ironworks General Complex Cooperative. Started large-scale press processing for automobiles.
  • In 1968
    Started selling cold roll forming machines.
    Increased capital to 5 million yen.
  • In 1972
    Started production of marine diesel engine fuel pump driving device and piston pins.
    Increased capital to 10 million yen.
  • In 1974
    Reorganized Mori Iron Works Co., Ltd.
    At the same time, Toru Mori was appointed as the President.
  • In 1975
    Opened a heat treatment factory. Integrated carburizing and quenching departments.
  • In 1976
    Opened Osaka Branch Office.
  • In 1977
    Completed making the used horizontal boring machine MC.
    At the same time, ATC, APC, AAC and other sales started.
  • In 1978
    Opened Tokyo Sales Office.
  • In 1985
    Opened Tenjin No. 2 Factory and started centralized production of large-scale forming machines and ATC.
  • In 1987
    Opened Okayama No. 2 Factory.
    Introduced 10 robots and started welding of automobile parts.
    Introduced four medium-size machining centers at Tenjin No.1 Factory to become a full-scale machining center factory.
  • In 1988
    Mori Ironworks Co.,Ltd changed its name to MORI MACHINERY CORPORATION on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of its foundation.
    Increased capital to 20 million yen.
    Technical collaboration agreement with German Mannesmann Demag Mere for straight edge forming mill.
  • In 1989
    Expanded Tenjin No.3 Factory.
    Completed integrated assembly commissioning field for the fuel pump drive system.
  • In 1990
    Started selling straight edge forming mill.
  • In 1992
    Introduced a large-scale cam grinding machine. Started selling large-scale marine cams.
    Introduced two units of medium-size five-sided processing machines.
  • In 1993
    Opened Yoshii Factory.
    Moved the Labor-saving Machinery Division from the head factory to Yoshii factory and started centralized production.
    Opened Nagoya Branch Office.
  • In 1997
    Technical collaboration agreement with German company, Heimbeck for mixers.
    Expanded Yoshii No.2 Factory.
  • In 1998
    Technical collaboration agreement with German company, Korsch for tablet press.
    Expanded Yoshii No.3 Factory.
    Introduced a three-dimensional measuring instrument (Carl Zeiss).
  • In 2000
    Technical collaboration agreement with Netherlands, Pelleting Technology Netherlands, Inc.
    Domestic production of pellet mill.
  • In 2004
    Opened Nagoya Service Center.
    Introduced a vacuum quenching furnace.
  • In 2007
    Moved the headquarters from Mimasaka City to Akaiwa City (Yoshii Factory).
    Expanded No. 4 Factory (Forming roll division) and No. 5 Factory (Heat treatment) .
  • In 2010
    Opened Osaka Sales Office.
  • In 2011
    Ikuo Mori appointed as the President.
  • In 2012
    Expanded No. 6 Factory (Machining and machine assembly) and No.7 Factory (Paint) of the headquarters.
  • In 2015
    Expanded No. 8 Factory (Machine assembly) of the headquarters.
  • In 2021
    Declared and commenced SDGs.


  • Company name
  • Foundation
    March 13th, 1948
  • Establishment
    April 11th 1953
  • Headquarters address
    1383 Nibori-higashi, Akaiwa-shi, Okayama, 701-2434, Japan TEL: +81 86-958-2352
  • Representative
    President Ikuo Mori
  • Capital
    20 million yen
  • Number of employees
  • Factories
    Head Office Factory, Mimasaka Factory, Okayama Factory
  • Sales offices
    Tokyo, Nagoya
  • Business description
    Development, design, manufacture and sale for cold roll forming machines and tube mills, roll dies for forming shaped steel and tubes, ATC (automatic tool changer) for machine tools, tableting machine, tableting tools, ring die for pellet manufacturing and automotive parts, etc.
  • Financing bank
    The Chugoku Bank, Ltd. Higashiokayama Branch, Tomato Bank, Ltd. Yoshii Branch, MUFG Bank, Ltd. Okayama Branch
    Mitsui Sumitomo Banking Corporation Okayama Branch



  • General Affairs Division
    Street address
    1383 Nibori-higashi, Akaiwa-shi, Okayama,701-2434, Japan
    +81 86-958-2352
    +81 86-958-2217
  • Forming Roll Division
    Street address
    1383 Nibori-higashi, Akaiwa-shi, Okayama,701-2434, Japan
    +81 86-958-2210
    +81 86-958-2312
  • FA Division
    Street address
    1383 Nibori-higashi, Akaiwa-shi, Okayama,701-2434, Japan
    +81 86-958-2326
    +81 86-958-2215
  • Chemical Device Division
    Street address
    1383 Nibori-higashi, Akaiwa-shi, Okayama,701-2434, Japan
    +81 86-958-2327
    +81 86-958-2611
  • Environment Division
    Street address
    1383 Nibori-higashi, Akaiwa-shi, Okayama,701-2434, Japan
    +81 86-958-2340
    +81 86-958-2728
  • Production Division Parts Manufacturing Gr.
    Street address
    1383 Nibori-higashi, Akaiwa-shi, Okayama,701-2434, Japan
    +81 86-958-2270
    +81 86-958-2177
  • Production Division Procurement Gr.
    Street address
    1383 Nibori-higashi, Akaiwa-shi, Okayama,701-2434, Japan
    +81 86-958-2270
    +81 86-958-2213
  • Production Engineering Division
    Street address
    1383 Nibori-higashi, Akaiwa-shi, Okayama,701-2434, Japan
    +81 86-958-2002
    +81 86-958-2177
  • Electrical Division
    Street address
    1383 Nibori-higashi, Akaiwa-shi, Okayama,701-2434, Japan
    +81 86-958-2365
    +81 86-958-2235
  • Forming Machine Division
    Street address
    318-1 Oku, Mimasaka-shi, Okayama, 701-2434, Japan
    +81 868-74-3618
    +81 868-74-3610
  • Metal Stamping Press Division
    Street address
    468 Otami, Naka-ku, Okayama-shi, 703-8228, Japan
    +81 86-279-1270
    +81 86-279-6998
  • Cellulose Development Division
    Street address
    1086, Oku, Mimasaka-shi, Okayama-ken, 701-2605, Japan
    +81 868-74-3110
    +81 868-74-2407
  • Tokyo Sales Office
    Street address
    6F, 2nd Misu Building, 5-20-10 Kamata, Ota-ku, Tokyo, 144-0052, Japan
    [ Main No. ] +81 3-3732-8771 [ Forming Roll Division, FA Division ] +81 3-3732-8771 [ Forming Machine Division ] +81 3-3732-8772  [ Chemical Device Divison ] +81 3-5713-8876 [ Environment Division ] +81 3-5713-8890
    +81 3-3738-1144
  • Osaka Sales Office
    Street address
    5th floor, 3rd Akatsuki Building, 13-45 Toyotsu-cho, Suita-shi, Osaka, 564-0051, Japan
    [ Shared between Chemical Device/ Environment Division ] +81 6-6318-5383
    +81 6-6318-5386
  • Nagoya Sales Office
    Street address
    Sakura Building 2F, 1-1-25 Sakuradai, Minami-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi, 457-0005, Japan
    [ Main No. ] +81 52-811-8315 [ Forming Roll Division ] +81 52-811-8315 [ Chemical Device Division ] +81 52-811-8314 [ FA Division ] +81 52-811-8312
    +81 52-811-8316



Achievements as a manufacturer

We will continue to meet the customer's latest needs,
impress customers,
create one-of-a-kind goods in the industry and contribute to society.

Number of customers: Over 1700 / Japan's No.1 share in forming machine for producing non-ferrous metal tubes / Japan's No.1 share in forming rolls for shutter, curtain rail lighting / Japan's No.1 share in large-scale ATC / Japan's No.1 share in Tableting tools / Japan's No.1 share in ring dies for pellet manufacture